SmartMan CPR Manikins

Combining state of the art sensor technology, robust resuscitation manikins and intuitive real time feedback, SmartMan allows you to learn, perfect and maintain best practice BLS and ALS skills with a range of adult and paediatric manikins.

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Robust BLS Manikin

Real time digital feedback

Unlimited user accounts

Hygiene system included

SmartMan BLS

Advanced airway for intubation training

Real time digital feedback

Adjustable chest stiffness

Software auto updates to new ALS algorithims

SmartMan ALS

Run 20 minute resus ‘codes’

Track practical skills and decision making

Advanced airway for intubation training

Defib training with ‘shock’ mode

SmartMan megacode

Full body manikin (6-12 months)

Train two handed and in the arm resus

Adjustable lung volumes

Real time digital feedback

SmartMan Baby
Accessible Affordable Functional
Healthcare Simulation

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