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    SmartMan Simulator

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    • ~ World’s most accurate feedback for CPR skills training driving best practice CPR
    • ~ Easy to understand colour coded digital feedback
    • ~ Real Time feedback guides ‘in flight’ learning and adjustment of technique
    • ~ Compressions feedback accurate to +-0.1 cm for depth and +-0.1 second for rate measurement
    • ~ Ventilation feedback accurate to +-13ml of air
    • ~ Feedback on recoil and non-release of chest compressions
    • ~ Compressions feedback sensitive to correct hand placement
    • ~ Immediate post training score with feedback on key aspects of the skill being performed
    • ~ Real time cerebral perfusion monitor showing correlation between quality of CPR and cerebral perfusion
    • ~ All training events stored for recall and review any time
    • ~ Multi manikin viewer allows the trainer to view 8 manikins simultaneously

    Key features:

    • ~ Unlimited user log ins provided free of charge
    • ~ No on going software licence fees
    • ~ Keep your training up to date with free software updates published as guidelines change
    • ~ Competence score generated after every training event
    • ~ Competence scores can be recalled and reviewed any time
    • ~ Compressions feedback includes depth and rate, degree of non-release, too deep warning
    • ~ Ventilations feedback includes volume of air delivered, rate of air flow

    SmartMan ALS

    An extremely robust ALS manikin simulating a human torso with the ability to add arms and legs for close to life ALS simulation and training. The ALS manikin allows titration of chest resistance to simulate a variety of body types and comes with a manual carotid pulse trainer as standard. The ALS manikin has an advanced airway that allows highly realistic intubation training as well as simulation of airway management with supraglottic devices and oropharyngeal airways. The articulated head allows for head tilt and chin lift with incorrect airway positioning shown by an analogue display of air in the stomach when ventilating the manikin. By adding the IV arm trainer and IO leg inserts the Smartman ALS manikin provides all the necessary hardware features to deliver full ALS training.

    The ALS manikin comes with the award winning SmartMan software as standard which provides easy to understand colour coded feedback on the quality of chest compressions and ventilations. The ALS software package also provides objective assessment of the combined skills performed during an ALS scenario, allowing detailed assessment of the quality of Advanced Life Support being delivered. The software offers the added value of an intubation training scenario, which gives a score on how quickly and effectively you are able to perform intubation.The proprietary Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System, which is unique to the SmartMan manikins, provides accurate measurement and excellent physical feel of the interaction of air movement during ventilation. The real time digital display shows the volume, rate and timing air in and out of the lungs as it is related to movement of the chest and provides the world’s most accurate tool for training best practice ventilation technique.


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