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SmartMan Baby

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    SmartMan Simulator

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    ~ World’s most accurate feedback for CPR skills training driving best practice CPR
    ~ Easy to understand colour coded digital feedback
    ~ Real Time feedback guides ‘in flight’ learning and adjustment of technique
    ~ Compressions feedback accurate to +-0.1 cm for depth and +-0.1 second for rate measurement
    ~ Ventilation feedback accurate to +-13ml of air
    ~ Feedback on recoil and non-release of chest compressions
    ~ Compressions feedback sensitive to correct hand placement
    ~ Immediate post training score with feedback on key aspects of the skill being performed
    ~ Real time cerebral perfusion monitor showing correlation between quality of CPR and cerebral perfusion
    ~ All training events stored for recall and review any time
    ~ Multi manikin viewer allows the trainer to view 8 manikins simultaneously

    SmartMan Baby

    A full body baby (1-12 months) manikin designed to facilitate extremely realistic paediatric CPR training with particular focus on ventilation skills. The manikin is suitable for training two hand and in the arm methods, providing real time digital feedback on the quality of chest compressions and ventilations.

    This product includes several functions to help improve ventilations on a baby. The lung capacity can be titrated to represent multiple different lung capacities with the software automatically adjusting itself to give realistic, calibrated feedback on the ventilation of different lung capacities. On screen ventimeter gives real time feedback on volume of air delivered to the lungs and the time over which the ventilation is delivered to help better guide the correct technique and muscle memory for delivering ventilations to a baby.

    The Smartman Baby Pro comes with the paediatric and neonatal algorithms built into the software as standard, making this the perfect manikin to facilitate high volume paediatric life support training in the undergraduate and postgraduate setting.


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