sellick® Cricoid Pressure Trainer

sellick® is the cricoid pressure trainer that allows healthcare professionals to learn, practice, retain and reproduce the correct technique for effective cricoid pressures.

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    sellick® gives real time feedback on cricoid pressures allowing training clinicians to repeatedly perform the ‘Sellick’s Manoeuvre’ until they develop muscle memory for the correct pressure required in this procedure. Repeated practice in a simulated environment allows clinicians to perform this technique with confidence when in a clinical environment.

    The simulator consists of an anatomically correct ‘neck section’ with thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage and proximal trachea, covered by a simulated skin. The proprietary pressure transfer system, which connects the neck section to the base of the simulator, gives a real to life feel of ‘give’ as the cricoid is depressed under pressure.

    Real time cricoid pressures are displayed on a back lit LED interface. Downwards pressures are displayed in Newtons up to a maximum of 35 Newtons. The simulator has an integrated timer that starts and stops on application of pressure. Cricoid pressures above 35 Newtons are deemed excessive and indicated by a red flashing LED system. Lateral pressures above 10 Newtons are indicated by a blue LED system.

    sellick® Cricoid Pressure Trainer

    • ~ Anatomically correct neck section for developing correct hand placement
    • ~ Proprietary pressure transfer system gives real to life feel of ‘give’ as cricoid is depressed under pressure
    • ~ Real time read out of downwards pressure in Newtons
    • ~ Excess pressure alert system
    • ~ Lateral pressure feedback
    • ~ Built in timer starts and stops with pressure
    • ~ Lightweight compact design easy for set up and storage
    • ~ No batteries required – powered through USB or mains power



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