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Play a vital role in shaping the future of surgical training.

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“Our team is passionate about making a difference, unafraid to break new ground, and committed to overcoming every challenge together.

Dr Elliot Street
CEO Inovus

We are our values.

As a purpose-driven company setting new standards in surgical training, our values act as our guiding force as we aim to achieve the extraordinary. 


Exceptional results can only be delivered by a team that prioritises respect, kindness, and positivity. When teams play together, they play to win. 


World class results are reached by expanding outside of your comfort zone, taking pride in your work, continually learning, and never settling for second best. 


Hard work is the fuel that drives us forward, amplifying our talents to create life-saving technologies. The impact of a strong work ethic cannot be underestimated. 

Lissie, Medical Illustrator and Product Engineer

“It’s all about adaptability, problem solving, and feeling empowered to go into the unknown in the pursuit of improving people’s lives.”

A medical product engineer with a background in the arts, Lissie has found a role with Inovus that inspires her creativity while harnessing her anatomical knowledge.

As part of the core team that develops Inovus’ hardware, Lissie is used to challenging convention and using her skills in unexpected ways. The project-based nature of her role means that every day is different; she could be working on CAD (computer aided designs), pouring silicone prototypes, making changes based on clinician feedback, or organising training to ensure each product is crafted perfectly on the factory floor.

While there’s nothing quite like rising to the challenge of replicating the human body, Lissie can do her best work thanks to the unique culture that Inovus offers. It’s a positive place to work, enhanced by colleagues who look out for one another and are fully invested in finding ways to impact the greater good.

With colleagues based all over the world, Lissie has found that being a strong communicator is one of the essential traits shared by Inovus employees. It also helps if you love solving puzzles, find solutions in unexpected places, and aren’t afraid to experiment. Venturing into the unknown isn’t always easy but seeing your final product out in the world and playing a part in shaping the future of surgery is more than worth it. 

Emma, Regional Sales Manager – UK South

“Believing in our mission, being honest, and bringing passion to your role make more of a difference to our team than having clinical experience.”

If you’re an NHS Trust, private hospital, or university based south of Birmingham in the UK, Emma will be your Inovus port-of-call. As Regional Sales Manager for UK South, she’s responsible for current and future customers with her time equally split between both.

There’s no such thing as a typical day. While she’s a fan of a clean inbox, when she’s not working through her emails, Emma can be found attending conferences, events, and regional meetings; running training days; hosting demonstrations for key stakeholders; troubleshooting issues; and managing the order process from start to finish. This means she manages her own diary and has a great deal of autonomy in her role.

The same can’t be said of her previous career in midwifery, but her years spent in a clinical environment, dealing with other medical professionals, and teaching the next generation of clinicians with her master’s in clinical education have been invaluable to her work at Inovus and have allowed her to make the transition from medicine to sales. 

Despite her extensive experience in the medical field, Emma doesn’t believe it’s essential to have a medical background to be part of Inovus. In fact, personality, work ethic, and values are far more important. Each team member receives in-depth anatomy and physiology training so that they can feel confident and well-versed in the surgical vernacular, but all that information won’t be put to good use if you aren’t open to learning and driven to succeed.

The Inovus culture is one where hard work is expected, but never at the expense of team wellbeing, and kindness trumps commercial achievement every time. No matter your background, if you believe in the mission, have passion, and prioritise honesty in all things, Emma believes you shouldn’t be afraid to throw your hat in the ring and become part of a team unlike any other.

Jake, International Business Manager

“You can create your own destiny at this company and get support with whatever you need.”

With the freedom to create his own calendar, Jake’s role involves a lot of personal responsibility – but that doesn’t mean he has to go it alone. Inovus’ culture of collaboration and open dialogue means every team member is empowered to meet their goals, and ongoing professional development is highly encouraged (and funded). It’s an environment where those who love to learn can truly flourish and define their own future.

Holly, Regional Sales Manager – USA West

“At Inovus, we’re encouraged to be our own CEO and build our own business but with the support, encouragement, and opportunities that come from being part of a larger team.”

As Regional Sales Manager for USA West, Holly is responsible for 13 states, so it’s unsurprising that self-discipline and motivation are essential to performing her role well.  

She brings her energy and entrepreneurial spirit to Inovus Medical, spending time on the road to host demonstrations, supporting installs, and managing her existing accounts. The diversity of her day-to-day role, as well as the company mission to become the world’s partner for surgical training inspired Holly to make the move to Inovus Medical.

Despite working remotely, the team is what sets Inovus Medical apart for Holly. It’s rare to find a group that shares the same values and is made up of individuals that you’d choose to be friends with outside of work. The family atmosphere cultivated by Elliot and Jordan persists throughout the company structure and their value-driven hiring has created a team of hard-working, high-achieving and, most importantly, good people.

To succeed in a career at Inovus Medical, Holly believes it’s important to approach every day with a positive mindset, be a team player, and take meaningful action to drive the mission forward. Each team member is encouraged to take ownership of their position and trusted to meet their KPIs in the way that works best for them. Forget one-size-fits-all and micromanagement – working at Inovus can be what you make it.

David, Clinical Excellence Lead

“Our technology is truly disruptive and ground-breaking, so if you’re looking to make your ideas reality, it’s an exciting time to join.”

With his multifaceted and dynamic role, David’s day-to-day tasks always looks different. This flexibility in his work also allows him to excel in both his personal and professional life, while the friendly team environment at Inovus lends itself to collaborative problem solving. Working on a cutting-edge technology that provides real haptic feedback and real muscle memory has proven to be as exciting as it is challenging, encouraging every team member to learn and grow as they look to break new ground.

Georgia, Product Developer & Technician

The culture at Inovus is one where the way you act around other people is just as important as your work ethic and expertise.

Having trained as a prop maker and SFX professional in the film and TV industry, Georgia soon realised that she wanted to use her skills to help people – and Inovus offered the ideal opportunity.

As a product developer and technician, Georgia now spends her days designing and crafting new products with the potential to shape the future of surgical training. Each week is different, but typically she’ll receive a brief, plan how to bring it to life, create a model (usually in silicone), and then make changes until it’s perfect. She also recently completed a course in CAD (Computer Aided Design) as part of the company’s commitment to investing in professional development.

She finds being part of a pioneering company really exciting and enjoys the challenge of creating without having a recipe to follow. Of course, that means running into unexpected issues sometimes - problem solving is an important part of her role - but she never has to face them alone, the whole product team gets involved to help find a fix.

This collaborative environment is one of the things that Georgia loves most about working at Inovus. The culture is relaxed, friendly, and open to new ideas, but the team also shares a strong work ethic and always strives to do their best. If you’re thinking of joining the team, being nice is extremely important, as is taking the time to listen to people and ensure you understand exactly what is being asked of you. Mutual respect and teamwork are the true secret to success.