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Saikat Banerjee, Consultant Gynaecologist and Minimal Access Reproductive Surgeon

Cambridge University Hospitals develops remote surgical training programme using LapAR and Totum

Following the recent acquisition of a further fifteen LapAR simulators by Cambridge University Hospitals, Gynaecologists across the East of England Deanery will be participating in a groundbreaking remote skills training programme. Trainees across the region have been provided with LapAR laparoscopic surgical simulators and access to the Totum digital surgery platform to use for remote skills training.  

The pilot programme will be conducted over a three-month period and aims to assess the impact of remote skills training through objective performance metrics and self-reported confidence scores. The programme will have a phased progression of skills development, starting with the part proxy tasks of LapPass and progressing into full procedure simulations including salpingectomy, salpingostomy and vaginal vault closure, ensuring tasks are aligned to RCOG curriculum. 

The study provides gynaecology trainees with an opportunity to practice and improve their laparoscopic surgical abilities using LapAR simulators in a remote setting, removing bottle necks to traditional approaches to hands on skills training. The comparison of metrics before and after the training program will offer valuable insights into the impact of this approach on trainees’ skill development and proficiency. 

Saikat Banerjee Consultant Gynaecologist and Minimal Access Reproductive Surgeon, CEES-U Cambridge Endometriosis, Ensoscopic Surgery Unit, stated

Having access to the LapAR and Totum platforms gives us a valuable opportunity to enhance simulation training. It offers a realistic and immersive environment for trainees to practice and refine their laparoscopic skills and allow trainers the ability to successfully track their progress.

Saikat Banerjee, Consultant Gynaecologist & Minimal Access Reproductive Surgeon, CEES-U Cambridge Endometriosis, Ensoscopic Surgery Unit

The inclusion of a video review process in Totum, allows faculty to provide subjective commentary and remote certification of tasks, adding another layer of evaluation. The combination of objective metrics and subjective feedback offers a comprehensive evaluation of trainees’ performance during surgical simulations. Consultants can provide detailed insights, observations, and recommendations based on their expertise, further enhancing the training process. 

Clinical Excellence Lead at Inovus Medical, Dr David Rawaf commented 

This is a wonderful opportunity to provide further evidence of Kirkpatrick levels 1 & 2 achievement in this novel approach to simulation training. We will all be looking forward to hearing the outcomes of this study, which looks bolster the construct, content and face validity of the Totum and LapAR Ecosystem.

Dr David Rawaf, Clinical Excellence Lead, Inovus Medical

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Greg Wynn FRCS, Lead Clinical Director

World famous ICENI centre adopts LapAR and bozzini training systems

Inovus Medical today announced the adoption of its LapAR and bozzini training systems by the world famous ICENI centre, a global pioneer of surgical training, research and development. The announcement follows a competitive tender win for both LapAR and bozzini and highlights the paradigm shift in surgical training that is being driven by the Inovus Medical approach of delivering affordable, accessible and highly functional surgical training solutions.

The ICENI Centre’s first-class facilities provides training to some of the UK’s aspiring NHS employees of the future, today’s undergraduates and clinicians on a career pathway from FY1 through to senior consultants. With the introduction of the very latest in high fidelity laparoscopic and hysteroscopy simulators manufactured and designed by Inovus the centre will now offer trainees the very latest in, hands on, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic training.

The LapAR system opens the ICENI centre up to a brand new world of high fidelity laparoscopic simulation, allowing them to connect with and tutor their trainees like never before. The trainees will also benefit from the industry breaking AR technology, which will immerse them into real to life simulations and allow them to practise full surgical procedures all while being tracked and recorded by the LapAR technology.

As part of the contract the centre has acquired a number of LapAR take home models and so with the distance learning capabilities of the LapAR cloud-based software platform the centre will now be equipped to offer trainees the capability of being able to train from home in a safe environment during the current COVID 19 pandemic.

Greg Wynn FRCS, Lead Clinical Director, ICENI Centre, Colchester said:

We are thrilled to be able to start using the new Inovus augmented reality simulation equipment here at the ICENI Centre in Colchester. Technical skills simulation has always played a key role in the training pathway for our clinicians but being able to objectively measure performance is really important. Putting motion-tracking software in a laparoscopic box trainer will allow us to measure technical performance not just on basic skills exercises, but also on a variety of anatomical models that are relevant to clinical practice. This means learners can map their progress to a defined goal, improving compliance. One of the great features of this equipment is the ability of the trainee to take their box away and practice in an environment that they find most comfortable, whilst their data is remotely uploaded to the trainer’s portal. Organising simulation in this way will allow many more training hours to be completed. This is a valuable addition to our simulation suite

Greg Wynn FRCS, Lead Clinical Director, ICENI Centre, Colchester

Along with the latest in high fidelity laparoscopic simulation the centre has included the purchase of the unique bozzini Hysteroscopy simulators by Inovus Medical which will be used for basic practical skills training within hysteroscopy including tasks such as adhesiolysis and polypectomy. The bozzini systems also allow the trainees to gain valuable camera and basic instrument handling skills.

The bozzini also offers unrivalled high fidelity hysteroscopy training with its range of wet lab models that enable a spectrum of energy and other medical devices to be used in a close to life training experience which includes endometrial ablation, polypectomy and myomectomy.

Dr Elliot Street, Co-Founder and CEO of Inovus Medical said:

The ICENI centre is widely accepted as one of the global pioneers of minimally invasive surgical training and I am delighted they have chosen to adopt our suite of technologies to future proof their position as leaders in this field. This is the start of what I am sure will be an exciting and long-term partnership between the ICENI centre and Inovus Medical as we both look to provide the perfect training solutions for the modern-day surgical trainee.

Dr Elliot Street, Co-Founder and CEO of Inovus Medical

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Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist

Severn Deanery - Regional MIGS training benefits from the award winning LapAR simulator

Inovus Medical – a global healthcare simulation company – today announced the continued adoption of LapAR, the high fidelity laparoscopic simulator, within the NHS. The LapAR platform has been adopted along with the bozzini Hysteroscopy simulator by North Bristol, NHS Trust and the wider Severn Deanery following a competitive tender process win.

The announcement means trainee gynaecology surgeons across the region will have access to LapAR and bozzini hysteroscopy simulators to further develop their minimally invasive gynaecologic surgery (MIGS) skills and help lead them onto consultant posts when their training is complete.

North Bristol Trust will use the newly acquired LapAR systems to deliver a specialised MIGS programme led by Miss Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist, as part of the Severn Postgraduate Medical Education curriculum.

Miss Preshaw stated: 

An institutional LapAR Pro has now been installed in the Learning and Research Centre at Southmead Hospital within the Simulation Suite. All surgical trainees have access.

Alongside this system, one take home LapAR will be stationed at each of the 6 deanery hospitals within their O&G departments. Every Severn gynaecological trainee will be issued a personal login to the Inovus learning platform. There is also a separate take home LapAR at Southmead that trainees can take home on loan.

This exciting development in conjunction with a new laparoscopic training matrix, and the bozzini hysteroscopy simulator based at Southmead, will boost MIGS training across Severn.

Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist

The adoption emphasises the accessibility and versatility of the Inovus Medical simulators which allows far more trainees to benefit from cutting-edge technology at home in addition to within the Learning and Research Centre.

Elliot Street, CEO Inovus Medical commented:

We are delighted to be supplying our very latest high fidelity simulators to the Severn Region and to be supporting MIGS training and assessment to over sixty trainees spread across a large geographical area. It’s fantastic that with LapAR, connected surgical platform training has become more accessible than ever before, allowing many more trainees to benefit from the latest technology that is helping deliver the very best surgical care to patients.

Elliot Street, CEO Inovus Medical

Hear more from Miss Preshaw on how the Severn Deanery are using the LapAR simulators in her interview with us:

Nash S. Moawad, M.D., EMIGS Chair

AAGL selects HystAR to power EMIGS across North America

In October 2023, Inovus Medical announced an innovative new partnership with the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL), and global leader in women’s health, Hologic. The partnership will result in the provision of Inovus’ high fidelity hysteroscopy simulators, HystAR, to all ACGME approved residency programs across North America. In addition to the simulators being provided to all residency sites, the partnership will provide access to Inovus’ digital surgery platform, Totum to all residents working towards their EMIGS certification.

This collaboration will strengthen our ability to offer hysteroscopy simulation for our residents, and to integrate advanced tools to aid our trainees in pursuing excellence in surgical training.

Nash S. Moawad, M.D., EMIGS Chair

The premier global association in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, AAGL began offering the EMIGS validated Training and Testing Program in 2022 to provide a gynecology specific cognitive and skills test that would allow OBGYN residents to meet the Surgical Skills Program standard for the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology examination. In late 2022, Inovus Medical announced it had been contracted as the manufacturing and delivery partner for the EMIGS skills tasks. This new partnership will result in the digitalization of the EMIGS program, with the skills tasks being integrated into Inovus’ hybrid surgical simulators and digital surgery platform, Totum.

Read more about the partnership with Hologic and AAGL here.

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Dr Shilpa Kolhe, Consultant Gynaecologist and RCOG faculty member

RCOG choose the bozzini for hands on hysteroscopy training

When moving into their new building, the faculty at the RCOG needed a solution for hands on hysteroscopy training that would be fitting of their new surroundings. With a reduction in overall square footage, the college also required a simulation solution with a small footprint.

With the ability to utilise the bozzini with existing ‘part proxy’ based hysteroscopy curricula, deliver dry lab procedural training, and extend the platform’s use to wet lab based, full procedural training, the RCOG faculty decided to adopt the bozzini hysteroscopy as their standardised platform for hysteroscopy skills training.

It is great to have the fabulous Inovus simulators to teach basic operative hysteroscopic skills to all delegates on our courses. In addition to basic skills training we can use the simulators to train specific hysteroscopy skills such simulating the delicate use of mechanical 5fr hysterscopic equipment to treat small polyps in outpatient hysteroscopy clinics.

Dr Shilpa Kolhe, Consultant Gynaecologist and RCOG faculty member

The simulators are used for all on-site training events including the annual operative hysteroscopy course, where the wet lab function of the simulator is utilised to deliver high volume tissue resection training. The device agnostic nature of the simulator allows for multiple brands of tissue resection system (TRS) to be used in the event, providing a broad exposure to the physicians of the different devices available.

Click on the link below to learn more about how bozzini can elevate your hands on hysteroscopy skills training. 

Build your surgical career through purposeful practice, starting with the basics.

Develop your skills and evolve your practice with the all-in-one basic surgical skills base combining natural haptics with near real pathologies.

Basic Surgical Skills Base Features

Incision and suturing

Natural haptics allow you to learn how to dissect soft tissue layers safely. Includes epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat and muscle layers. Once dissected, perform a full range of closures with multiple repetitions.

Abscess I&D

Perform an incision and drainage of an abscess and wash out the wound. The soft tissue envelope can be closed or dressed.

Cyst excision

Learn how to dissect and remove a sebaceous cyst. Remove the cyst from surrounding tissue layers and close the wound.

Wide local excision

Practice administering local anaesthetic around the skin lesion. Excise the lesion with highly realistic haptic feedback and tissue layers.

Instrument and hand ties

Get to grips with different types of suture by practicing your hand ties. Master your instrument ties and repeat for perfect practice.

Tying at depth

Perfect your technique for operating at depth. Learn to complete hand ties at depth with the weighted hook providing feedback on your surgical finesse.

An evolving ecosystem connecting practice to procedure.

Totum hero 1
Becoming a safer and more skilful surgeon

Dr Salwa Abdullah Idle

Salwa was looking to find a training platform that would allow her to work on her laparoscopic skills between cases and away from the workplace. She chose the LapAR due to its portability and the options for remote training.

Having a home learning system has allowed me to learn new skills such as laparoscopic suturing. It’s a nice compact box that gives you a good feel for what it is like to be in the OR and actually operating and I feel it has made me a better operator.

Dr Salwa Abdullah Idle

Salwa also wanted a simulator that would allow her to train the full spectrum of laparoscopic skills, from basic instrument handling through to full procedures. 

Salwa shares more insights about the LapAR in her full interview here:

Want to learn more about LapAR, click on the link below for more information.

The power of hybrid training

Dr Mohamed Mabrouk

Dr Mabrouk, Consultant Gynaecologist, Cambridge, shared with us how the modern demands of surgical training call for increased use of simulation. When searching for the simulation platform best suited to his trainees, he wanted a solution that could be used in the hospital setting and for remote skills training.

“What I like about the LapAR and Totum platform is that it provides training and tutoring opportunities from anywhere, allowing the trainee to review feedback and work on their skills in their own time.”

Dr Mabrouk was looking for a platform that could be used to deliver theoretical knowledge as well as hands on training. He found that Totum was the perfect tool for this. Having used the platform to run an advanced laparoscopic skills course in collaboration with the BSGE. 

The course was a great success as we delivered theoretical knowledge, hands on training and remote tutoring from a single platform.

Dr Mohamed Mabrouk, Consultant Gynaecologist, Cambridge

Want to hear more from Dr Mabrouk? Watch the full interview:

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Developing advanced laparoscopic skills

Dr Joanna Abiola

Nearing the end of her training, Dr Abiola was searching for a simulator that would allow her to develop and hone her advanced laparoscopic skills. She had a desire to improve her laparoscopic suturing and wanted a simulator that would allow her to do this with real instruments and sutures and provide natural haptic feedback.

The LapAR allowed me to work on my laparoscopic suturing at home and between sessions in the OR.

I am not the most tech savvy person, but the simulator and software was really easy for me to use.

Dr Joanna Abiola

Joanna was worried that a high fidelity simulator may be too complicated for her to use, but was pleased to find that the LapAR was extremely intuitive to set up and use from home and in the hospital setting. 

Joanna shares more insights about the LapAR in her full interview with us here:

Want to learn more about LapAR, click on the link below for more information.

Creating a laparoscopic training curriculum

Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust

The surgical teams at Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust wanted to set up a new laparoscopic skills curriculum to provide structured surgical training in their programme. They used the LapAR and Totum to create a hybrid programme that would allow trainees to progress through a combination of in person training and remote learning. Dr Francis Ugwu, Surgical innovation and simulation fellow, remarked:

The programme has been well received by both trainees and trainers.

Dr Francis Ugwu, Surgical Innovation and Simulation Fellow

Read more about LapAR and Totum and how they could guide the way to surgical success for your programme. Click on the links below for more information. 

Medical Device
Partnering to deliver national training programmes


The professional education team at Olympus UK were searching for a partner and platform that would allow them to engage surgeons more deeply in their learning pathway. The team wanted a platform that could be used to deliver national training programmes for first year trainees as well as advanced laparoscopic skills courses to senior surgeons. 

Kelly Stacey, head of professional education for Olympus remarked, 

“We utilise the platform to provide pre-learning, followed by hands on skills training. The fact that the simulators produce natural haptics and allow training with real instruments is what sold our faculty on them.”

It was important for Olympus to gain trainee feedback on the programmes and the simulators being used to deliver them. Following each cohort of trainees, the Professional education team collate feedback and present it on the final day of the programme. 

“The trainees are loving using the platform. They love the natural haptics generated by LapAR and the data insights from Totum are unlike anything they have ever had before.”

Olympus continues to utilise the LapAR and Totum to deliver their national training programmes across the UK, in partnership with the BSGE and supported by Inovus Medical. Hear more about this partnership here:

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Building confidence away from the patient bedside

Dr Jessica Preshaw (on Bozzini)

In response to the impact on hysteroscopy training by the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing shape of care in hysteroscopy, Dr Preshaw has created a regional training programme for MIGS across the Severn Deanery, in which the bozzini hysteroscopy simulator has been placed in all 6 sites across the region.

With a shift towards increased numbers of hysteroscopy cases being performed in the outpatient/ambulatory setting, Dr Preshaw wanted a realistic and scalable solution for delivering hysteroscopy skills training, away from the patient bedside.

There has been a huge shift in our activity from performing hysteroscopy procedures under a general anesthetic to now performing them in our ambulatory suite with the patient awake. The Inovus Medical range of hysteroscopy simulators allow our trainees the ability to build confidence, hone their skills and familiarise themselves with the instruments before performing hysteroscopy procedures on a patient.

Dr Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr Preshaw wanted a simulator that could serve the full spectrum of training needs, from basic scope handling and practice of placing instruments down the scope, through to full procedural training but ‘without the mess’ of other solutions. 

“What is nice about this is the ability to harness the skills of operative hysteroscopy with the polyps, adhesions and other pathology inserts”.

Want to hear more from Dr Preshaw? Watch the full interview here:

Want to learn more about bozzini, click on the links below for more information.

Medical Device
Distance learning for national training programme


Following disruption to the traditional model of surgical training by the COVID-19 pandemic, the professional education team for Ethicon UK turned to the LapAR and Totum ecosystem to deliver a next generation national training programme.

The team wanted to ensure their trainees could work through a full spectrum of skills, from basic training through to advanced laparoscopic skills training. The integration of the LapPass curriculum with the LapAR allowed Ethicon to deliver a validated curriculum with additional data and surgeon performance insights. The full procedure training of LapAR was then used to progress the training programme into intermediate and advanced skills.

The addition of LapAR to Ethicon’s national training programmes has brought the future of surgical training to today’s trainees.

Mr Fevzi Shakir, Ethicon Faculty member stated:

“The hybrid augmented reality (AR) nature of the system provides an inimitable combination of real feel haptics and performance tracking delivered on a portable box trainer.”

Read more about LapAR and Totum and how they could guide the way to surgical success for your professional education programme. Click on the links below for more information. 

Providing 24/7 access to simulation

Oxford University Hospitals

The Oxford University Hospitals surgical department wanted to provide unrestricted access to laparoscopic simulators for their trainees. The hospital system has three sites across Oxford. Standardising the training experience was essential to provide consistency for all trainees. 

Mr Mike Silva, the training programme director said

The Inovus simulators provide a first, the ability to monitor trainee performance and progress in a structured manner.

Mr Mike Silva, Training Programme Director

Read more about LapAR and Bozzini and how they could guide the way to surgical success for your programme. Click on the links below for more information. 

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