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Surgical training remastered.

Guiding the way to surgical success.

Get the confidence you need to perform at your best, every time. We’ve dismantled the barriers between trainees, mentors, and data to take a holistic approach to surgical training with natural haptics. Hone your skillset and set a new standard.

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Harnessing the power of data to transform surgical training.

It’s all in the data. Get instant access to objective performance metrics in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Track your progress and tailor your training to focus on the skills and procedures that will make the biggest impact. Work smarter, not harder


Unlocking the power of practice.

Practice makes perfect. Maximise your training time with real-time coaching and corrections. Record your sessions on video and receive tailored feedback direct from your mentor to perfect your technique, speed, and dexterity.

Dynamic assessment universal recognition.

Accredited surgical training is now accessible to all. Wherever and whenever you train, you’re working towards an official certification, recognized by institutions worldwide. Earn CPD points for every hour logged.

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An evolving ecosystem connecting practice to procedure.

We create human-centric technology. Our suite of real world and digital products combine to produce the best possible results. And thanks to our mobile app, you’re only one click away from harnessing the power of surgical training.


The future of surgery is connected.

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