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Nash S. Moawad, M.D., EMIGS Chair

AAGL selects HystAR to power EMIGS across North America

In October 2023, Inovus Medical announced an innovative new partnership with the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL), and global leader in women’s health, Hologic. The partnership will result in the provision of Inovus’ high fidelity hysteroscopy simulators, HystAR, to all ACGME approved residency programs across North America. In addition to the simulators being provided to all residency sites, the partnership will provide access to Inovus’ digital surgery platform, Totum to all residents working towards their EMIGS certification.

This collaboration will strengthen our ability to offer hysteroscopy simulation for our residents, and to integrate advanced tools to aid our trainees in pursuing excellence in surgical training.

Nash S. Moawad, M.D., EMIGS Chair

The premier global association in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, AAGL began offering the EMIGS validated Training and Testing Program in 2022 to provide a gynecology specific cognitive and skills test that would allow OBGYN residents to meet the Surgical Skills Program standard for the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology examination. In late 2022, Inovus Medical announced it had been contracted as the manufacturing and delivery partner for the EMIGS skills tasks. This new partnership will result in the digitalization of the EMIGS program, with the skills tasks being integrated into Inovus’ hybrid surgical simulators and digital surgery platform, Totum.

Read more about the partnership with Hologic and AAGL here.

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Official hysteroscopy simulation partners to Global Community of Hysteroscopy

Inovus Medical has been appointed as the official simulation partner to the Global Congress of Hysteroscopy (GCH). The partnership was announced on stage at the opening address of the 2023 GCH congress by GCH Founder and Chair Dr Sergio Haimovich, and Inovus Medical’s CEO, Dr Elliot Street. This partnership recognizes Inovus's portfolio of hysteroscopy simulators and Totum digital surgery platform as the official simulators of the GCH.

The partnership will enable Inovus to work closely with the GCH to advance hysteroscopy simulation training and provide cutting-edge training technology to hysteroscopists across the globe. As part of the agreement, a research partnership will be established, which will commence with a multi-centre prospective validation study led by GCH faculty. The aim of this study is to validate the HystAR simulators and Totum digital surgery platform for delivery of remote hysteroscopy skills training and certification.

The partnership will see Inovus’ range of hysteroscopy simulators placed at the forefront of GCH sanctioned training events across the globe with the simulators playing a major part in the hands-on skills training workshops at the annual GCH congress. The partnership announcement will also result in improved access to Inovus’ portfolio of simulators for GCH members.

Dr Elliot Street, CEO of Inovus Medical, commented on the announcement:

We are thrilled to be appointed as the official simulation partner for the Global Congress of Hysteroscopy. The Society have fast become the pre-eminent voice of hysteroscopy across the globe. This announcement is another step forward for Inovus on our mission of becoming the world's partner for surgical training and we are excited to partner with the GCH to advance standards in hysteroscopy training through simulation.

Dr Elliot Street, CEO of Inovus Medical

The Global Congress of Hysteroscopy (GCH) is the premier global society focused on hysteroscopy. GCH aims to promote the practice, teaching and research of hysteroscopy to improve women's health worldwide. The partnership with the GCH is a major honour for Inovus Medical, as it recognizes the company's commitment to advancing surgical training and the impact its portfolio of hysteroscopy simulators and digital surgery platform can have on hysteroscopy skills development.

Dr Sergio Haimovich, Founder and Chair of GCH, commented:

GCH is committed to Continuous Medical Education (CME) globally, and we believe that with the help of Inovus’ simulators we will be able to improve our CME programs, with special emphasis in developing countries, helping to enhance the level of intrauterine surgery and hysteroscopy.

Dr Sergio Haimovich, Founder and Chair of GCH

For more information on the GCH, its events and activities, visit www.my-gch.com

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Dr Shilpa Kolhe, Consultant Gynaecologist and RCOG faculty member

RCOG choose the bozzini for hands on hysteroscopy training

When moving into their new building, the faculty at the RCOG needed a solution for hands on hysteroscopy training that would be fitting of their new surroundings. With a reduction in overall square footage, the college also required a simulation solution with a small footprint.

With the ability to utilise the bozzini with existing ‘part proxy’ based hysteroscopy curricula, deliver dry lab procedural training, and extend the platform’s use to wet lab based, full procedural training, the RCOG faculty decided to adopt the bozzini hysteroscopy as their standardised platform for hysteroscopy skills training.

It is great to have the fabulous Inovus simulators to teach basic operative hysteroscopic skills to all delegates on our courses. In addition to basic skills training we can use the simulators to train specific hysteroscopy skills such simulating the delicate use of mechanical 5fr hysterscopic equipment to treat small polyps in outpatient hysteroscopy clinics.

Dr Shilpa Kolhe, Consultant Gynaecologist and RCOG faculty member

The simulators are used for all on-site training events including the annual operative hysteroscopy course, where the wet lab function of the simulator is utilised to deliver high volume tissue resection training. The device agnostic nature of the simulator allows for multiple brands of tissue resection system (TRS) to be used in the event, providing a broad exposure to the physicians of the different devices available.

Click on the link below to learn more about how bozzini can elevate your hands on hysteroscopy skills training. 

Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist

Severn Deanery Regional MIGS training benefits from the bozzini hysteroscopy simulator

Inovus Medical – a global healthcare simulation company – has announced the further adoption of the bozzini Hysteroscopy simulator within the NHS. The bozzini platform has been adopted by North Bristol, NHS Trust and the wider Severn Deanery following a competitive tender process win.

The announcement means trainee gynaecology surgeons across the region will have access to bozzini hysteroscopy simulators to further develop their minimally invasive gynaecologic surgery (MIGS) skills and help lead them onto consultant posts when their training is complete.

North Bristol Trust will use the bozzini systems to deliver a specialised MIGS programme led by Miss Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist, as part of the Severn Postgraduate Medical Education curriculum.

Miss Preshaw stated: 

bozzini hysteroscopy simulators have now been installed in the Learning and Research Centre at Southmead Hospital within the Simulation Suite. All surgical trainees have access.

Alongside the central hub of simulators at Southmead, bozzini simulators will be stationed at each of the 6 deanery hospitals within their O&G departments. This exciting development in conjunction with a new hysteroscopy training matrix, will boost MIGS training across Severn.

Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist

The adoption emphasises the accessibility and versatility of the Inovus Medical simulators which allows far more trainees to benefit from cutting-edge technology at home in addition to within the Learning and Research Centre.

Elliot Street, CEO Inovus Medical commented: 

We are delighted to be supplying our very latest high fidelity simulators to the Severn Region and to be supporting MIGS training and assessment to over sixty trainees spread across a large geographical area, allowing many more trainees to benefit from the latest technology that is helping deliver the very best surgical care to patients.

Dr Elliot Street, CEO Inovus Medical

Hear more from Miss Preshaw on how the Severn Deanery are using the bozzini simulators in her interview with us:

Click on the link below to learn more about how bozzini can elevate your hands on hysteroscopy skills training. 

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An evolving ecosystem connecting practice to procedure.

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The power of partnerships in training

Dr Nash Moawad

Having developed a new standardised curriculum for hands on hysteroscopy skills training in the form of the EMIGS programme, Dr Moawad, and the rest of the EMIGS steering committee wanted to find a partner that could provide a scalable hysteroscopy simulation platform to ensure fair and equitable access to training for OBGYN residents across North America.

In 2022, AAGL appointed Inovus as the exclusive simulation partner to the EMIGS programme with the HystAR and Totum platforms planned as the platform for rolling out the hysteroscopy element of EMIGS. Following a generous donation by Hologic, who joined the partnership in 2023, this vision will become a reality, with HystAR systems and Totum access being provided to all ACGME accredited residency programmes across North America.

“We chose Inovus Medical because of their innovative perspective to training and testing,” said AAGL Executive Director, Linda Michels, “and we felt that they would be a strong partner to assist now and in the future.”

The collaboration with Inovus Medical on the EMIGS program will strengthen our ability to offer hysteroscopy simulation for our residents, and to integrate advanced tools to aid our trainees in pursuing excellence in surgical training.

Dr Nash Moawad, Head of Minimally-Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Program Director, UF Health COEMIG

The HystAR and Totum platform will be rolled out to residency programmes from late 2023, and will include the EMIGS hysteroscopy skills tasks (H1 and H2) to enable residents and their programme directors to become familiar with the tasks.

Want to learn more about the EMIGS programme? Visit the AAGL website here:

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Building confidence away from the patient bedside

Dr Jessica Preshaw (on Bozzini)

In response to the impact on hysteroscopy training by the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing shape of care in hysteroscopy, Dr Preshaw has created a regional training programme for MIGS across the Severn Deanery, in which the bozzini hysteroscopy simulator has been placed in all 6 sites across the region.

With a shift towards increased numbers of hysteroscopy cases being performed in the outpatient/ambulatory setting, Dr Preshaw wanted a realistic and scalable solution for delivering hysteroscopy skills training, away from the patient bedside.

There has been a huge shift in our activity from performing hysteroscopy procedures under a general anesthetic to now performing them in our ambulatory suite with the patient awake. The Inovus Medical range of hysteroscopy simulators allow our trainees the ability to build confidence, hone their skills and familiarise themselves with the instruments before performing hysteroscopy procedures on a patient.

Dr Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr Preshaw wanted a simulator that could serve the full spectrum of training needs, from basic scope handling and practice of placing instruments down the scope, through to full procedural training but ‘without the mess’ of other solutions. 

“What is nice about this is the ability to harness the skills of operative hysteroscopy with the polyps, adhesions and other pathology inserts”.

Want to hear more from Dr Preshaw? Watch the full interview here:

Want to learn more about bozzini, click on the links below for more information.

Creating a MIGS simulation programme

Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

The OBGYN department at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital wanted to elevate their MIGS training with a simulation-based programme. Having reviewed several options, they chose the Inovus ecosystem of simulators, opting for the bozzini to deliver their hysteroscopy skills training.

The Inovus simulators play a central role in the MIGS simulation programme we have created to enhance the surgical training in gynaecology for trainees and qualified surgeons alike.

The bozzini is used to deliver introductory training to new hsyteroscopists, using the basic camera navigation training modules. Intermediate operators work through a series of basic dray lab procedure training including polypectomies and adhesiolysis. The more advanced operators use the simulator in wetlab mode to perform full procedural training, including tissue resection, using full fluid management and real devices.

Read more about bozzini and how it can be used for a full spectrum of hysteroscopy skills training. Click on the links below for more information

Transforming medical education to improve patient care

The NHS at large

The development of the Totum platform was supported by the NHS through it’s SBRI research programme. The funding enabled Inovus to develop the first version of the platform and eventually extend its use to hysteroscopy training by integrating it with the HystAR.

Innovations like HystAR and Totum can help us transform medical education and training and equip the NHS workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver high quality patient care.

Professor Tony Young OBE, National Clinical Lead Innovation NHS England

The HystAR and Totum are widely used across the NHS for registrar (resident) and surgeon training. The platform has been integrated into several region wide training programmes. Peer reviewed evidence shows that training with the platform increases surgeon proficiency by up to 41%.

Read more about HystAR and Totum and how they could guide the way to surgical success for your programme. Click on the links below for more information.

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