The simulator includes dry lab and wet lab training modules. All uterus models are anatomically correct including vaginal vault, cervix and intrauterine landmarks. The dry lab models have interchangeable pathologies for practising diagnosis and intraoperative management of polyps, intrauterine adhesions and fibroids. The pathologies produce natural haptic feedback and are a low-cost way of delivering repeated practice of these core hysteroscopic skills. The simulator must be connected to a laptop or PC with the Totum software downloaded to complete these training modules.

Performance data is captured and displayed in Totum and can be downloaded and added to surgical training portfolios and logbooks.

Key features:

  • Natural haptic feedback through synthetic soft tissue models
  • EMIGS curriculum integration
  • Full procedure simulation
  • Trigger and manage intraoperative complications
  • Objective feedback on key metrics of surgical performance
  • Performance tracking on validated curricula
  • Record and review training progress with online portfolio hosted in Totum


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Learn how HystAR is connecting practice to procedure powered by Totum.

Progress from basic skills tasks to immersive, full procedure training on a single platform with this hybrid simulator that puts natural haptics first.

Hyst AR Features

Natural Haptics

Practice with the tools you will use in the operating room and experience natural haptic feedback generated by synthetic soft tissues in wet lab and dry lab environments.


The official simulator of the AAGL EMIGS program and the GCH. Create your own assessment templates or work towards proficiency in standardised curricula including EMIGS. Every hour of training earns one continuing professional development (CPD) point with certificates issued directly from Totum.

Video Review

Record your training and play it back in the Totum platform. View video footage with side-by-side objective metrics for a rich learning experience. Muti-directional, written feedback with video time stamping allows trainees and trainers to work on perfecting surgical technique.

Full procedures

Perform high fidelity, simulated full procedures with fluid management. Work through the physical steps of full procedures with cognitive prompts provided along the way.

Device training

A single platform serving the full spectrum of training needs in hysteroscopy. Start with the standardised EMIGS tasks, progress to dry lab procedural training and work towards competency with any device using the wet lab tasks.