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Building confidence away from the patient bedside

Dr Jessica Preshaw (on Bozzini)

In response to the impact on hysteroscopy training by the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing shape of care in hysteroscopy, Dr Preshaw has created a regional training programme for MIGS across the Severn Deanery, in which the bozzini hysteroscopy simulator has been placed in all 6 sites across the region.

With a shift towards increased numbers of hysteroscopy cases being performed in the outpatient/ambulatory setting, Dr Preshaw wanted a realistic and scalable solution for delivering hysteroscopy skills training, away from the patient bedside.

There has been a huge shift in our activity from performing hysteroscopy procedures under a general anesthetic to now performing them in our ambulatory suite with the patient awake. The Inovus Medical range of hysteroscopy simulators allow our trainees the ability to build confidence, hone their skills and familiarise themselves with the instruments before performing hysteroscopy procedures on a patient.

Dr Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr Preshaw wanted a simulator that could serve the full spectrum of training needs, from basic scope handling and practice of placing instruments down the scope, through to full procedural training but ‘without the mess’ of other solutions. 

“What is nice about this is the ability to harness the skills of operative hysteroscopy with the polyps, adhesions and other pathology inserts”.

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