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Creating a MIGS simulation programme

Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

The OBGYN department at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital wanted to elevate their MIGS training with a simulation-based programme. Having reviewed several options, they chose the Inovus ecosystem of simulators, opting for the bozzini to deliver their hysteroscopy skills training.

The Inovus simulators play a central role in the MIGS simulation programme we have created to enhance the surgical training in gynaecology for trainees and qualified surgeons alike.

The bozzini is used to deliver introductory training to new hsyteroscopists, using the basic camera navigation training modules. Intermediate operators work through a series of basic dray lab procedure training including polypectomies and adhesiolysis. The more advanced operators use the simulator in wetlab mode to perform full procedural training, including tissue resection, using full fluid management and real devices.

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