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Greg Wynn FRCS, Lead Clinical Director

World famous ICENI centre adopts LapAR and bozzini training systems

Inovus Medical today announced the adoption of its LapAR and bozzini training systems by the world famous ICENI centre, a global pioneer of surgical training, research and development. The announcement follows a competitive tender win for both LapAR and bozzini and highlights the paradigm shift in surgical training that is being driven by the Inovus Medical approach of delivering affordable, accessible and highly functional surgical training solutions.

The ICENI Centre’s first-class facilities provides training to some of the UK’s aspiring NHS employees of the future, today’s undergraduates and clinicians on a career pathway from FY1 through to senior consultants. With the introduction of the very latest in high fidelity laparoscopic and hysteroscopy simulators manufactured and designed by Inovus the centre will now offer trainees the very latest in, hands on, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic training.

The LapAR system opens the ICENI centre up to a brand new world of high fidelity laparoscopic simulation, allowing them to connect with and tutor their trainees like never before. The trainees will also benefit from the industry breaking AR technology, which will immerse them into real to life simulations and allow them to practise full surgical procedures all while being tracked and recorded by the LapAR technology.

As part of the contract the centre has acquired a number of LapAR take home models and so with the distance learning capabilities of the LapAR cloud-based software platform the centre will now be equipped to offer trainees the capability of being able to train from home in a safe environment during the current COVID 19 pandemic.

Greg Wynn FRCS, Lead Clinical Director, ICENI Centre, Colchester said:

We are thrilled to be able to start using the new Inovus augmented reality simulation equipment here at the ICENI Centre in Colchester. Technical skills simulation has always played a key role in the training pathway for our clinicians but being able to objectively measure performance is really important. Putting motion-tracking software in a laparoscopic box trainer will allow us to measure technical performance not just on basic skills exercises, but also on a variety of anatomical models that are relevant to clinical practice. This means learners can map their progress to a defined goal, improving compliance. One of the great features of this equipment is the ability of the trainee to take their box away and practice in an environment that they find most comfortable, whilst their data is remotely uploaded to the trainer’s portal. Organising simulation in this way will allow many more training hours to be completed. This is a valuable addition to our simulation suite

Greg Wynn FRCS, Lead Clinical Director, ICENI Centre, Colchester

Along with the latest in high fidelity laparoscopic simulation the centre has included the purchase of the unique bozzini Hysteroscopy simulators by Inovus Medical which will be used for basic practical skills training within hysteroscopy including tasks such as adhesiolysis and polypectomy. The bozzini systems also allow the trainees to gain valuable camera and basic instrument handling skills.

The bozzini also offers unrivalled high fidelity hysteroscopy training with its range of wet lab models that enable a spectrum of energy and other medical devices to be used in a close to life training experience which includes endometrial ablation, polypectomy and myomectomy.

Dr Elliot Street, Co-Founder and CEO of Inovus Medical said:

The ICENI centre is widely accepted as one of the global pioneers of minimally invasive surgical training and I am delighted they have chosen to adopt our suite of technologies to future proof their position as leaders in this field. This is the start of what I am sure will be an exciting and long-term partnership between the ICENI centre and Inovus Medical as we both look to provide the perfect training solutions for the modern-day surgical trainee.

Dr Elliot Street, Co-Founder and CEO of Inovus Medical

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