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Developing advanced laparoscopic skills

Dr Joanna Abiola

Nearing the end of her training, Dr Abiola was searching for a simulator that would allow her to develop and hone her advanced laparoscopic skills. She had a desire to improve her laparoscopic suturing and wanted a simulator that would allow her to do this with real instruments and sutures and provide natural haptic feedback.

The LapAR allowed me to work on my laparoscopic suturing at home and between sessions in the OR.

I am not the most tech savvy person, but the simulator and software was really easy for me to use.

Dr Joanna Abiola

Joanna was worried that a high fidelity simulator may be too complicated for her to use, but was pleased to find that the LapAR was extremely intuitive to set up and use from home and in the hospital setting. 

Joanna shares more insights about the LapAR in her full interview with us here:

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