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The power of hybrid training

Dr Mohamed Mabrouk

Dr Mabrouk, Consultant Gynaecologist, Cambridge, shared with us how the modern demands of surgical training call for increased use of simulation. When searching for the simulation platform best suited to his trainees, he wanted a solution that could be used in the hospital setting and for remote skills training.

“What I like about the LapAR and Totum platform is that it provides training and tutoring opportunities from anywhere, allowing the trainee to review feedback and work on their skills in their own time.”

Dr Mabrouk was looking for a platform that could be used to deliver theoretical knowledge as well as hands on training. He found that Totum was the perfect tool for this. Having used the platform to run an advanced laparoscopic skills course in collaboration with the BSGE. 

The course was a great success as we delivered theoretical knowledge, hands on training and remote tutoring from a single platform.

Dr Mohamed Mabrouk, Consultant Gynaecologist, Cambridge

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