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Dr Jessica Preshaw (on LapAR)

When Dr Preshaw was setting up the regional training for MIGS across the Severn Deanery, she wanted to ensure the training experience was standardised across all 6 sites in the region and make sure that trainees focussed on the training not on learning how to use the simulator.

In addition to the data collection and insights, Dr Preshaw wanted to ensure the trainees had the most realistic training experience available. The natural haptics generated by the sift tissue models of LapAR were a major factor in her decision to implement the LapAR across all 6 sites in the region. 

Having used more expensive systems that do not give you that haptic feedback means that the LapAR wins for me. 

Totum provides a log in that can accompany trainees through their whole training program.

Dr Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist

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