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Inovus brings connected surgical training to the masses

Inovus 0115 Lap AR Pro
Posted by Helen Hanson. 8th July 2020

Inovus Medical brings connected surgical training to the masses with launch of LapAR™

Inovus Medical® has this week announced the launch of their much-anticipated high-fidelity laparoscopic simulation platform, LapAR™. The technology has been under development for nearly two years and has been accelerated to market readiness thanks to £1.1 million funding from SBRI Healthcare.

Following a highly successful pre-launch at the IMSH congress in San Diego in January, the company has already secured pre orders from major reference sites in the domestic and international markets.
The LapAR™ brings an innovative approach to augmented reality by merging real and digital environments and projecting this directly to screen without the need for wearing headsets. The simulator delivers unparalleled real feel haptics by combining real laparoscopic instruments with highly realistic soft tissue models.

LapAR™ was developed to answer the growing demand for improved access to high fidelity, laparoscopic training. The platform will be launched with two versions, an institutional system and a take home simulator. Both systems will enable full procedure training with tracking of performance metrics, making LapAR™ the only platform capable of delivering high fidelity, distance learning at scale.

The LapAR™ simulators are accompanied by an online application that enables training surgeons to review and analyse their performance data. The application allows trainers to connect with their trainees from anywhere in the world, allocate tasks, review trainee performance and provide written feedback on recorded simulation events via a novel video review feature.

Inovus Medical CEO, Dr Elliot Street said: “The launch of LapAR™ is a real ‘model T moment’ for surgical education. I am extremely proud that we have delivered on our promises to SBRI Healthcare to develop a technology that can truly democratise access to high fidelity surgical training in the same way that Ford democratised automated land travel with the Model T. The recent global pandemic has shown us the importance of technology in allowing professionals to connect even when separated physically and geographically. The LapAR™ allows trainers and trainees to be connected in a way never before possible, ensuring high fidelity surgical training can continue in the face of physical, geographical and financial barriers across the globe.”


Inovus Medical CTO, Jordan Van Flute said: “I couldn’t be prouder of what our engineering team have achieved in the past 12 months. Whether it’s using advanced AI driven computer vision techniques to track surgical instruments, the development of our very own augmented reality camera or the soft tissue models. Everyone has contributed to what can only be described as a significant advancement in technology.”
Professor Tony Young, National Clinical lead for innovation at NHS England said: “The fusion of virtual reality with keyhole surgical simulators represents the next step in how we train surgeons and the LapAR™ from Inovus Medical is leading the way in this field. I am delighted that this cutting-edge technology has arisen from one of the NHS England Clinical Entrepreneurs, Dr. Elliot Street. Innovations like this can help us transform medical education and training and equip the NHS and other healthcare workforces across the globe with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver high quality patient care.”
Dr Raffaella Roncone, SBRI Healthcare Lead said: “SBRI Healthcare enabled Inovus Medical to accelerate the development of LapAR™, by harnessing the latest technology. The team delivered over and above the original brief. The product which democratises access to medical education and training, upskilling the workforce, stands to save the NHS £60+ million per year through improved operative efficiencies alone. We are delighted that through programmes like SBRI Healthcare, NHS England and NHS Improvement can invest in disruptive technologies to transform the NHS and improve patient care. We are extremely proud of what the team delivered in such a short time and delighted to see Inovus Medical thrive”.
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