Home News Inovus Medical opens new global headquarters in state of the art innovation building

Inovus Medical opens new global headquarters in state of the art innovation building

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Posted by Ben Quinton. 8th February

Inovus Medical opens new global headquarters in state of the art innovation building

St Helens, UK, February 8th, 2024 – Inovus Medical, an emerging leader in surgical training technology, proudly announces the opening of its new global headquarters at the Glass Futures Centre of Excellence, a cornerstone of the burgeoning MedTech and Life Sciences campus in St Helens. This strategic move reinforces Inovus Medical's commitment to advancing surgical training technology and positioning itself as the world's partner for surgical training.


The new global headquarters, a beacon of progress and innovation, now stands as the focal point for Inovus Medical's rapidly expanding Research and Development (R&D) and UK based commercial teams. The move reflects a significant milestone in the company's journey to redefine the standards of surgical training.

Glenn Cooper, Chairman of Inovus Medical, commented on the new headquarters, stating, "The expansion to new global headquarters is an essential part of our roadmap as we march forward on our mission to become the world's partner for surgical training. This cutting-edge facility provides a dynamic environment for innovation, collaboration, and growth, propelling us closer to our goal of revolutionizing surgical education globally."

Glenn Cooper, Chairman

The new global headquarters is strategically located near Inovus Medical's global manufacturing hub in St Helens, ensuring operational efficiency and facilitating streamlined collaboration between the R&D and manufacturing teams. This move further solidifies St Helens as a hub for medical technology innovation and manufacturing excellence.

The Glass Futures Centre of Excellence is designed to nurture creativity and collaboration, housing state-of-the-art education, research, and innovation spaces. These facilities will empower Inovus Medical to accelerate the development of pioneering medical solutions that address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals worldwide.

St Helens Borough Council expressed enthusiasm about the strategic move, with Councillor Kate Groucutt (Cabinet Member for Economy, Business and Skills) stating, "We are delighted to support Inovus Medical’s occupation of  the Glass Futures Centre of Excellence and witness their dedication to innovation and medical technology. This new headquarters reinforces St Helens' position as a hub for cutting-edge research and development in the field of healthcare and life sciences, showcasing the strength of our collaborative efforts with forward-thinking companies like Inovus Medical."

Councillor Kate Groucutt