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Inovus Medical Supporting RSM Meeting

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Posted by Helen Hanson. 28th October 2021

The future of surgical training – how can we improve?

The highly esteemed event held at the Royal Society of Medicine, London brings together the RSM, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the Faculty of Surgical Trainers, Health Education England, and other influential medical education institutions.

During the day attendees will have the opportunity to trial LapAR™, the future of surgical training, and the latest high fidelity simulation platform created by Inovus Medical. LapAR™, represents a paradigm shift in haptic realism, utilising real feel soft tissue models and real laparoscopic instruments to provide unparalleled training, functionality and analysis for both trainers and their trainees. With a unique take on augmented reality the platform provides a highly immersive environment with digital overlays without the need for AR headsets, cognitive training prompts to add further realism and instant post-procedure feedback. This unique combination sets LapAR™ ahead of its competitors in enhancing procedural & muscle memory for the surgeon.

LapAR™ allows surgeons to practise a range of procedures across the specialities of general surgery and gynaecology. Through their association with the ALSGBI, Inovus Medical have been able to integrate the LapPass® curriculum into the LapAR™, offering a fully validated and standardised curriculum alongside the full procedure simulations. Instrument tracking technology enables capture of instrument handling and patient-validated performance metrics with performance data displayed in an online portfolio.

As the world’s first ‘high fidelity laparoscopic box trainer’, bringing together the realism of expensive VR and the affordability of box trainer simulation, LapAR™ has truly democratised access to realistic and applicable laparoscopic simulation.

The platform is already being used to deliver national and regional surgical training programs across the UK and internationally with glowing feedback:

“The LapAR™ platform offers me the flexibility to work within the hospital or at home, allowing me to receive tasks and feedback through the online platform providing the ability to monitor my progress and assess my performance.”

“We have seen many VR simulators in the past which haven’t provided the real feel simulation you get with LapAR™, trainees are able to get that all important haptic feedback from using the medical models within the LapAR™ simulator.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to see first hand how the LapAR™ platform can truly enhance your surgical training and help you to hone in your surgical skills.

Visit the Inovus Medical team and experience a hands-on demonstration of the LapAR™ simulator in the RSM exhibition hall November 2nd.