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Inovus official manufacturer and supplier of LapPass

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Posted by Helen Hanson. 19th October 2019

Inovus Medical appointed as the official manufacturer and supplier of the LapPass® training kits

Launched by ALSGBI in 2015, the LapPass® is a nationally recognised certificate of proficiency in the technically demanding skills required for laparoscopic surgery and the only validated laparoscopic skills curriculum in the UK. The LapPass® certificate can be added to a trainee surgeon’s portfolio when a series of timed laparoscopic skills tests are successfully passed.
The original LapPass® tasks were designed such that they could be created by off the shelf materials in order to keep costs to a minimum. With a growing uptake of the curriculum across the UK and overseas it has however, been increasingly difficult to ensure standardisation of the tasks and as such the ALSGBI sought a partner to help create a standardised and scalable platform for the LapPass® curriculum.
Inovus Medical specialise in manufacturing and designing affordable take home and institutional laparoscopic simulators with complementary task based jigs available to support trainee surgeons during the various stages of their surgical skills training. With a proven track record in delivery of laparoscopic simulation products, and a vertically integrated operating model, Inovus Medical were the natural partner of choice to design, manufacturer and distribute the LapPass® kits.
The design and manufacturing teams at Inovus Medical have developed a series of jigs that can be readily used with either the pyxus HD, pyxus HD Move or pyxus Pro Move Laparoscopic box trainers. They are also compatible with other box trainer models ensuring the 5 key laparoscopic skills can be practiced in line with the LapPass® certification requirements, standardising the LapPass® training and adding real value to the certification. The jigs were designed with three main aims; to ensure they would be highly realistic, contain easily replaceable consumables and ensure they were readily affordable.
Inovus are uniquely placed to meet these three requirements thanks to the recent addition of production level SLS 3D printing to their manufacturing armamentarium. Many of the parts for the tasks are reproduced through this manufacturing modality, allowing large volumes of bespoke designed products to be manufactured without expensive up front costs, with the cost saving to be passed directly to the end user.
Inovus Medical CEO, Dr Elliot Street, said “We are extremely excited to work in collaboration with the ALSGBI as the exclusive designer and manufacturer of the LapPass® training kits. The ideals of the LapPass® being a validated curriculum with a low cost barrier fits perfectly with our vision of delivering affordable, accessible and functional laparoscopic simulation. I am confident our design of the kit will serve the programme well and we are excited to work with the ALSGBI to help scale the uptake of the curriculum across surgical specialities both here in the UK, and overseas,through our ongoing sales and marketing efforts.”
ALSGBI LapPass® lead, Mr Paul Leeder, said “The ALSGBI are pleased to be working in association with Inovus Medical on the delivery of the newly designed LapPass® kits. The kits bring improved standardisation to the tasks which we believe will further improve the experience of trainee surgeons who are working towards their LapPass® certification.
Inovus Medical’s ethos of affordable, accessible and functional healthcare simulation is something that aligns with the ideals of the ALSGBI and stands to make this a successful collaboration.”
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