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Second Generation HystAR® Pro and LapAR® Pro Simulators

Inovus Medical New Stands launch
Posted by Ben Quinton. 9th January

Inovus Medical Unveils Second Generation HystARÒ Pro and LapARÒ Pro Simulators at IMSH Global Healthcare Simulation Congress

San Diego, January 18th, 2024 — Inovus Medical, a leading innovator in surgical training technologies, proudly announces the launch of the second generation HystAR® Pro and LapAR® Pro simulators, showcasing the latest advancements in surgical simulation. These cutting-edge simulators were officially unveiled at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) Global Healthcare Simulation Congress in San Diego.

Since the successful debut of the HystAR® Pro and LapAR® Pro simulators in 2020, Inovus Medical has been at the forefront of revolutionizing surgical training through hybrid technologies. The second generation simulators represent a significant leap forward in technology, with enhanced features designed to provide an unparalleled simulation experience for healthcare professionals.

The HystAR® Pro and LapAR® Pro simulators boast notable enhancements in three key areas: extensibility, ergonomics, and serviceability.

Extensibility: The new simulators have been meticulously designed to accommodate a broader range of surgical scenarios, offering a more comprehensive training experience. This ensures that medical professionals can refine their skills across various procedures with heightened realism.

Ergonomics: In response to user feedback and evolving industry standards, the second generation simulators feature improved ergonomics for a more immersive and comfortable training experience. The user-friendly design enhances the overall effectiveness of the simulation, allowing practitioners to focus on refining their skills with greater ease.

Serviceability: Inovus Medical has prioritized serviceability, streamlining maintenance and support processes to minimize downtime. The enhanced serviceability of the simulators ensures a seamless training experience, contributing to increased efficiency in surgical training programs.

The advancements in the HystAR® Pro and LapAR® Pro simulators are a direct result of Inovus Medical's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the global surgical community. Since their initial launch in 2020, these simulators have garnered widespread acclaim and adoption worldwide, reaffirming the company's position as a leader in surgical simulation technology.


Jordan Van Flute, Chief Technology Officer at Inovus Medical, expressed enthusiasm about the second generation simulators, stating, "Our commitment to continuous improvement in surgical training is unwavering. The HystAR Pro and LapAR Pro simulators represent a significant evolution in surgical simulation technology. The improvements in extensibility, ergonomics, and serviceability are a direct response to the valuable feedback we've received from our global user base. We believe these enhancements will further elevate the training experience for healthcare professionals, enabling them to excel in their respective fields."

Inovus Medical invites healthcare professionals, educators, and industry enthusiasts to experience the HystAR® Pro and LapAR® Pro simulators first-hand at the IMSH Global Healthcare Simulation Congress in San Diego. Visit our booth #932 to witness the future of surgical simulation and explore the innovative features that set these simulators apart.