The LapAR Pro comes with unlimited Totum user licenses allowing training centres to track the performance of all their surgeons with a fixed, transparent cost. Totum provides a range of resources to guide the way to surgical success including:

My connections – Connect to your trainees and remotely review their training progress and results.

Manage Tasks – Set tasks for trainees, track their progress with completion, receive alerts when deadlines have passed.

Video Library – Review full procedural videos, provide written qualitative feedback. Feedback time stamped to video for ease of follow up review by the trainee.

Admin area – Allocate medical models to trainees from your central model repository and track the number of models in your repository.

To facilitate practice in ipsilateral port placement and suturing, additional side panels are also available for purchase. 


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Discover how LapAR Pro is guiding the way to surgical success.

We're breaking down the barriers between trainees, mentors and invaluable data to take a holistic approach to surgical training with natural haptics.

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Natural Haptics

Practice with the tools you will use in the operating room and experience natural haptic feedback generated by synthetic soft tissues.

Objective Metrics

Instrument tracking technology records instrument movement while operating. Gain instant access to performance metrics in the Totum dashboard, allowing trainees and trainers to tailor training based on evidence.


LapAR Pro is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Every hour of training earns one continuing professional development (CPD) point with certificates issued directly from Totum. Work towards proficiency in validated curricula including EMIGS and LapPass.

Video Review

Record your training and play it back in the Totum platform. View video footage with side-by-side objective metrics for a rich learning experience. Muti-directional, written feedback with video time stamping allows trainees and trainers to work on perfecting surgical technique.

Full procedures

Perform high fidelity, simulated full procedures across the specialities of general surgery and gynaecology. Work through the physical steps of full procedures with cognitive prompts provided along the way.

Immersive environments

Digital overlays interact with synthetic soft tissues to create highly immersive environments, streamed directly to the screen without need for headsets.