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The Bozzini Hysteroscopy Basic package is an affordable and portable system for hysteroscopy simulation. The basic package meets the needs of training centres and medical device companies who already possess imaging capabilities yet still want to benefit from the realistic training experience offered by the Bozzini Hysteroscopy system. 

The basic package allows the end user to experience hands on “wet lab” simulation thanks to its fully irrigatable uterine models. The models are specifically designed to offer highly realistic simulation of irrigation management during hysteroscopy. The package comes with five anatomically correct uteri that can be mounted in an anteverted or retroverted position. The uteri allow simulated vaginoscopy, visualisation of the external os, navigation of the cervical canal and visualisation of the uterine cavity and ostia. 

Each Wetlab uterus contains 8 to 10 resectable polyps that are manufactured from a proprietary water based substrate. The Polyp substrate reacts like real tissue when operated on with energy devices and morcellators making this the perfect option for demonstration and training of medical devices. 

The real to life tissue handling not only shows medical devices in their best light but also offers the perfect platform for affordable, high volume training with standard hysteroscopy instruments.

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