Having successfully implemented the use of additive manufacturing in the production of many of its products, the company was keen to scale these manufacturing modalities by bringing many of them in house. In 2019 Inovus took on an ambitious project to in house production level 3D printing. The 3D printing technology (SLS) allows the company to manufacture precision parts at scale. The project included the purchase and installation of a ProX6100 printer from 3D Systems as well as the installation of post processing equipment and new manufacturing lines.

The £250,000 project was match funded through the KEEP+ programme. The KEEP+ funding drastically accelerated the project delivery timelines, allowing Inovus to keep up with the growing demands for its products.

By in housing the technology the company has been able to reduce its printing costs. Passing these cost savings onto its customers whilst manufacturing the highest quality parts is enabling Inovus to deliver on its values of affordable and functional surgical training.