“We are thrilled to be able to start using the new Inovus augmented reality simulation equipment here at the ICENI Centre in Colchester. Technical skills simulation has always played a key role in the training pathway for our clinicians but being able to objectively measure performance is really important. Putting motion-tracking software in a laparoscopic box trainer will allow us to measure technical performance not just on basic skills exercises, but also on a variety of anatomical models that are relevant to clinical practice. This means learners can map their progress to a defined goal, improving compliance. One of the great features of this equipment is the ability of the trainee to take their box away and practice in an environment that they find most comfortable, whilst their data is remotely uploaded to the trainer’s portal. Organising simulation in this way will allow many more training hours to be completed. This is a valuable addition to our simulation suite”.

Mr Greg Wynn FRCS Lead Clinical Director, ICENI Centre, Colchester