Saving healthcare systems >$115 million per year.

Democratising high fidelity surgical simulation

The LapAR™ Pro comes with unlimited, onsite, user licenses allowing training centres to track the performance of all their surgeons with a fixed, transparent cost. The LapAR™ Pro web portal has a huge amount of functionality to add value to trainees and trainers alike. 

When you purchase the LapAR™ Pro the extra training portal functionality can be used with any LapAR™ take home systems you also purchase; providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly distance learning platform for laparoscopic surgery. 

LapAR™ Pro features


Close to life haptic feedback through synthetic soft tissue models

Digital Anatomy

Fully integrated with soft tissue models 

Performance Tracking

Track instrument movement in real-time using advanced computer vision algorithms on validated curricula


Full procedure simulation (multiple specialties)


Trigger and manage intraoperative complications


Objective feedback on key metrics of surgical performance. Record and review training progress with online portfolio

Gynaecology & general surgery procedures

LapAR is the world’s first ‘high fidelity laparoscopic box trainer’, bringing together the realism of expensive VR and the affordability of box trainer simulation, truly democratising access to high fidelity laparoscopic simulation and pre-operative warm up.  

The LapAR represents a paradigm shift in haptic realism utilising real feel soft tissue models and real laparoscopic instruments to provide unparalleled functionality.  

The simulator allows surgeons to practise a range of procedures across the specialities of general surgery and gynaecology. Instrument tracking technology enables capture of instrument handling and performance metrics with performance data displayed in an online portfolio.  


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