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Early success for LapAR™ in the USA

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Posted by Helen Hanson. 10th August 2020

Early success for LapAR™ in the USA as Inovus Medical helps re-skill surgeons following COVID-19

Following the official launch of LapAR™ earlier this month, Inovus Medical® is delighted to announce that its ground-breaking surgical training platform has already gained a foothold in the USA with units being sold across the United States within hours of the product launch.

The adoption of the technology comes in the wake of rapidly growing demand for high-fidelity distance learning during COVID-19. With surgeons across the globe unable to operate at their usual volumes they are at increasing risk of skills fade. Social distancing measures have impacted the delivery of traditional surgical training with many simulation centres restricting numbers and contact; meaning that previous approaches to re-skilling surgeons are not possible.

The LapAR™ is the perfect solution to meet this demand. The take-home high fidelity box trainer allows surgeons to perform close-to-life simulated procedures from home. Connecting with their seniors via the online training portal allows trainer led feedback of skills progression and review of live performance footage; effectively transferring the simulation centre into the homes and offices of surgeons, ensuring safe and highly effective re-skilling can take place following COVID-19.

Inovus Medical has announced that they will be launching the LapAR™ in America in joint effort with their distribution partners Nasco Healthcare. Nasco have been focussed on offering the LapAR™ as a solution through the CARES funding programme click link, a $30 billion programme available to Institutions of Higher Education to prevent, prepare for and respond to COVID-19 in the United States.

The LapAR™ has been listed as a suggested resource by a leading USA based simulator industry focus group click link The document provides an overview of educational and simulation resources that can help surgeons during the various stages of COVID-19 and provides further evidence for LapAR™ as a solution for post COVID re-skilling and future proofing of surgical training for the long term.