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Inovus Medical at AAGL

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Posted by Helen Hanson. 12th November 2021

Inovus Medical exhibiting at AAGL, booth 446

Recognised as the meeting place for MIGS, AAGL’s Global Congress provides an unmatched opportunity for industry to connect with physicians, stakeholders, and decision-makers looking to discover the latest in surgical education and best practices in Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery (MIGS). The AAGL Global Congress is the ideal setting for Inovus Medical to unveil their latest innovative healthcare simulation product portfolio.

Dr Elliot Street, CEO, Inovus Medical commented: In the wake of COVID we have seen first-hand the reduction in ‘training cases’ in which trainee surgeons would gain their real-life operative experience. These changes have compounded the underlying issues of lack of access and underwhelming functionality of existing simulation options. As a result, the majority of, trainee surgeons across the globe are experiencing short falls in their training with increasing risk of skills fade, and as such, they are turning to technology to fill in the gaps.

Earlier this year Inovus Medical announced the launch of LapAR™ the latest high fidelity simulation platform. LapAR™, represents a paradigm shift in haptic realism, utilising real feel soft tissue models and real laparoscopic instruments to provide unparalleled training, functionality, and analysis for both trainers and their trainees. With a unique take on augmented reality the platform provides a highly immersive environment with digital overlays without the need for AR headsets. The system also includes cognitive training prompts to add further realism and instant post-procedure feedback. This unique combination sets LapAR™ ahead of its competitors in enhancing procedural & muscle memory for the surgeon.

Alongside the LapAR™ platform the Inovus Medical team will be on hand to showcase their bozzini® hysteroscopy simulators for both dry and wet-lab procedural training. The bozzini® hysteroscopy simulators incorporate a range of uterine models. The models have been developed to work with a comprehensive range of gynaecological instruments including the very latest energy devices and provide the opportunity to practise common hysteroscopy procedures including, polypectomy, removal of small submucous fibroids and endometrial ablation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see first-hand how the LapAR™ platform and bozzini® Hysteroscopy simulators can truly enhance surgical training and help hone surgical skills.

Visit stand 446 to meet & chat to the team and experience hands-on demonstrations of the Inovus Medical catalogue of simulation products.