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Inovus Medical launches new website

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Posted by Helen Hanson. 26th April 2021

Inovus Medical have announced the launch of their newly designed website at www.inovus.org. The new site comes with a fresh new look and a suite of new functions to support the company’s rapidly growing range of surgical training technologies.

The redesigned website will make information more accessible for customers to enhance their shopping experience, supporting them to make the best choice in purchasing the very latest in surgical simulation across the globe.
Hear more about the project from the company’s head of Marketing, Helen Hanson.

Goals for the new site:
“Our aim for the new website was to ensure that visitors get the best user experience possible by making the site more reactive, easier to navigate and user friendly. We also wanted the main site to become the platform for hosting our online training portal, ensuing product purchase, use and support could be delivered from a single place.”

How we achieved our goals:
“We have made our web content more accessible, improved usability across multiple devices and updated content site wide. The new site incorporates a host of useful features such as a comprehensive technical support area, product setup, hardware and software video areas as well as a dynamic newsroom featuring all of the latest news from the Inovus Medical team.”

“Added to this, the new site now incorporates a seamless connection to the online training portal for customers who have adopted the LapAR™ product range

What our customers should know about the new site:
“We have added a lot of new content to the site to help improve customer support as well as provide more information and updates on the company to our followers. A lot of this information is accessed in our new format ‘slider pages’. Be sure to interreact with the buttons to reveal more content on these pages.”

“Our LapAR™ users should now access the online training portal directly from the Inovus website. This can be done by clicking the ‘Log in’ icon at the right of the header. Once you are at the log in page proceed to log in with your usual credentials.”