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Inovus Medical presents at SSH Virtual Learning Lab

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Posted by Helen Hanson. 7th September 2020

Inovus Medical to present at the SSH Virtual Learning Lab – Connected Surgical Training with LapAR™

As part of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Corporate Roundtable events 2020 Inovus Medical® will present a learning lab on Wednesday 16th September – Connected Surgical Training with LapA™ – the perfect tool for a post COVID era of surgical education.  

The learning lab will be split into three core elements:

  1. Introduction to the LapAR™ platform and overview of the package options and functionality
  2. Overview of the software functionality with particular focus on the connected training element and its ability to offer distance learning.
  3. Educational section – A case study on delivery of a successful distance learning programme for surgical training during COVID19.

To register go to: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwlceCorz4sEt2h95Uhp8C78uH_9BPzwakP