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Inovus Medical’s state-of-the-art second-generation simulator takes laparoscopic surgical training to the next level

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Posted by Ben Quinton. 12th June

Surgeons looking to expand and enhance their laparoscopic skills can now connect practice to procedure and feel confident with a higher level of complexity thanks to Inovus Medical’s transformative second generation LapAR simulator. 

A new addition to the company’s evolving ecosystem of state-of-the-art simulators, the updated LapAR offers improved usability, increased complexity, and greater flexibility for procedural training across several surgical specialities.

An innovative new iteration of the acclaimed LapAR and LapAR Pro, the second-generation simulator has been designed to realistically replicate a range of laparoscopic procedures while seamlessly integrating with Inovus Medical’s proprietary Totum platform. 

The result is an accessible and affordable solution for surgeons at all levels who are looking to hone their technique, build muscle memory, and pursue mastery in laparoscopic surgical skills. 

The new LapAR prioritises usability. With four instrument access points enabling ipsilateral access, surgeons can now unlock the power of practice for more complex procedures and benefit from advanced real-feel haptics. 

Ross Davies, Global Product Manager at Inovus Medical, said: 

With more room to play with inside, up to six further ports, enhanced model positioning, and a hinged lid that provides easy access to set up tasks, the second generation LapAR is our most user-friendly development to date. Not only does the new simulator empower surgeons by replicating the in-theatre experience, but we’ve also been able to cut the assembly time to just a couple of minutes, increasing the portability of the device even further.

Ross Davies, Global Product Manager at Inovus Medical

Trainee and qualified surgeons alike can now cultivate their transferable skills in the simulator and move more freely when practicing advanced procedures. This ensures that they can become comfortable with increased levels of complexity in an environment that is as true-to-life as possible. 

Jordan Van Flute, Co-Founder and CTO at Inovus Medical, said: 

The second generation LapAR embodies everything we’ve learned over the last four years since launching the first generation device. Every aspect of this new iteration has been finely tuned in response to user feedback and has been engineered to prepare surgeons to carryout increasingly complex laparoscopic procedures with confidence. It exemplifies our commitment to learning and continually evolving our technology to ensure its efficacy and advance our mission to become the world’s partner for surgical training.

Jordan Van Flute, Co-Founder and CTO at Inovus Medical

The second generation LapAR is the first launch from an ambitious technical roadmap that is working to transform surgical training across the full spectrum of specialities.  

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About Inovus Medical 

Inovus Medical is on a mission to solve the global surgeon shortage and, ultimately, save lives by becoming the world’s partner for surgical training. Its evolving ecosystem of simulators, powered by its proprietary Totum platform, combines real-feel haptics with in-depth feedback to help surgeons at every stage of their career connect practice to procedure in the pursuit of skills mastery. 

Founded in 2012, combining the talents of a medic and an engineer, Inovus Medical works to remaster surgical training through accessible, affordable, and functional technologies. 

Inovus Medical is based in St Helens, Merseyside with its US headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida.