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LapAR used by BSGE

BSGE press release
Posted by Helen Hanson. 20th May 2021

Inovus Medical announce partnership with BSGE to deliver National Laparoscopic Training Programme.

Inovus Medical are excited to announce their partnership with the British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE) RIGS National Training Programme, which officially launched across the UK this month. The training programme is a standardised distance learning programme, delivered through a combination of online webinars and hands-on workshops. The programme has been rolled out to over 300 gynaecology trainees across 17 sites around the UK and utilises the Inovus medical portfolio of laparoscopic simulators and laparoscopic skills tasks.

The training programme, also supported by Olympus KeyMed, is using the LapAR™ laparoscopic simulator to provide benchmarking of trainee performance and demonstrate their skills progression through the programme. The LapAR™ provides objective performance metrics through state-of-the-art instrument tracking technology with performance data stored and accessed on an online learning management system. Cutting edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology offers the BSGE a unique opportunity to deliver wide-scale, high-fidelity, distance learning.

“The recent global pandemic has highlighted the importance of technology in allowing professionals to connect even when separated physically and geographically. The LapAR™ allows trainers and trainees to be connected in a way never before possible, ensuring high fidelity surgical training can continue in the face of physical, geographical and financial barriers.”

Elliot Street CEO Inovus Medical

The data collected from the LapAR™ platform will be used to inform future training programmes during the academic year, enhance surgical training provision across the country and improve surgical proficiency for the long term.

There are 3 programme streams (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and the content aligns with the requirements of the core Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) curriculum including tasks from the LapPass® curriculum which provides validated, academically certified laparoscopic skills training.

Each workshop is facilitated by appointed RIGs regional reps along with a BSGE faculty member within each of the 17 ‘hub sites’. The monthly workshops offer learning opportunities including hands-on skills training, lectures, peer-to-peer training, and completion of OSATS.

“The team at Inovus Medical have been instrumental in enabling us to run high-quality laparoscopic training courses in gynaecology. They have been integral partners in the delivery of the BSGE National Training Programme. The surgical technologies they create are of excellent quality and design. The team are always striving to improve their products to make the simulation output as realistic as possible. Their expertise in innovation, combined with their approachability and understanding of the training programme, mean that Inovus Medical are consistently my ‘go-to’ for training support in gynaecology.”

Donna Ghosh, Chair for Laparoscopic Training at the BSGE

About Inovus Medical

Inovus Medical is a multi-award winning designer and manufacturer of surgical training technologies based in St Helens, UK. The company was founded in 2012 with a clear purpose, to improve surgical care through connected training. At the heart of everything Inovus does are its core values of Affordable, Accessible and Functional technologies. A relentless drive to deliver on these values is positioning the company as a global leader in surgical training, ensuring equitable training and care for all.

About the BSGE

The British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy was originally founded in 1989 by a small group of consultant gynaecologists keen to promote the benefits of minimal access surgery for their patients. The society has since grown to over 1000 members drawn from consultants, trainees, specialist nurse practitioners, GP’s and students. However, its ethos and aims remain the same. The BSGE exists not only to serve its members, but also to promote knowledge and understanding of the endoscopic approach to diagnosis and treatment to a wider public, including patients and those responsible for the formulation of healthcare policy.