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The Mullings Group to support Inovus USA expansion

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Posted by Helen Hanson. 23rd May 2022

Inovus Medical appoints The Mullings Group to support USA commercial expansion

Inovus Medical – the UK leader in connected surgical training – Has announced that it has appointed The Mullings Group to support its commercial expansion into North America. The news comes just days after the surgical training technology business announced the successful completion of a $7million investment round.

The Mullings Group will initially focus on talent access for direct commercial roles across the USA as the company aims to provide nationwide support coverage for its growing number of customers in the country. Inovus plans to appoint sales and customer success managers in key regions prior to opening a network of regional offices to provide a world class infrastructure of support for all its North American stakeholders.

Deploying direct commercial teams is a model the business has already shown an excellent aptitude for, having placed a full commercial team across the UK in 2019, propelling the business into a market leading position within a matter of years. Inovus will seek to replicate this success in North America by leveraging novel internal hiring processes and the 30+ years of Medtech focussed talent acquisition The Mullings Group brings to the process.

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Inovus Medical Chairman and DIT Export Champion, Glenn Cooper, said “Inovus has reached an exciting inflexion point in its growth having positioned itself as the clear market leader for surgical training technology in the UK. Our strategy to build a direct commercial team in the USA is driven by the exciting market dynamics and opportunity the US market has to offer. We are pleased to be working with Joe and his team and are confident they will provide the expertise, support and value add that will be crucial to a successful US entry”

Joe Mullings, Chairman and CEO of The Mullings Group Companies said, “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Inovus Medical and working closely together to build a world class commercial team. The acceleration of surgical training technologies is a critical area of growth in the medtech / healthtech markets as we are now better understanding the value of information to engineers, clinicians, and work flow with teams that ultimately impact outcomes to patients. Inovus has a platform that provides high fidelity data into the hands of those who need it most.”

About The Mullings Group

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