bozzini® Hysteroscopy Simulator

The bozzini® Hysteroscopy Simulator by Inovus Medical® is a world first in the delivery of close to life, affordable, turnkey hysteroscopy simulation. The simulator offers an anatomically correct uterus with interchangeable pathologies for practising diagnosis and intraoperative management. Pathologies include endometrial polyps, intrauterine adhesions and endometrial cancer/fibroid. The pathologies offer real to life tissue handling and are a low-cost way of delivering repeated practice of these core hysteroscopic skills. The uterus can be positioned in an anteverted and retroverted orientation allowing trainees to experience the different approach needed for each.

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    The bozzini® Hysteroscopy Simulator is supplied with a standard 4mm hysteroscope, two hysteroscopic instruments, a HD camera system and 15” monitor and monitor stand. The camera and hysteroscope are powered by the bozzini® light system. The bozzini® light system really does put the “key” into this turnkey simulator allowing simulated endoscopic procedures to be performed with real endoscopic devices at an affordable price.

    The bozzini® Hysteroscopy Simulator offers a unique solution to the delivery of hysteroscopic simulation. Prior to its launch options for training in hysteroscopy were limited to basic uterine models or full VR systems. Both of these options represent their own drawbacks. Basic uterine models require the acquisition and addition of expensive imaging systems, light sources and instruments, representing a significant overall cost to deliver training. The VR simulators represent a similar barrier to entry with high price points and often-expensive ongoing licencing fees and maintenance costs.

    The fully turnkey bozzini® Hysteroscopy Simulator solves these issues by providing everything you need to deliver comprehensive hysteroscopic skills training in a single package. The simulator allows practice of camera holding and navigation, instrument handling, tissue handling, recognition and diagnosis of pathologies and management of pathologies. The interchangeable consumable pathologies are low cost and easy to change in and out of the simulator making it highly practical as well as cost effective for repeated training and education activities.

    bozzini® Hysteroscopy Simulator

    • Skills that can be practiced on the bozzini® Hysteroscopy Simulator:
    • ~ Handling of the hysteroscope
    • ~ Introduction of the hysteroscope into the uterine cavity
    • ~ Navigation of the uterine cavity and understanding of normal anatomy including visualisation of ostia and fundus.
    • ~ Handling of hysteroscopic instruments
    • ~ Identification of intrauterine pathologies
    • ~ Resection of intrauterine pathologies
      • 1x Hysteroscopy base unit to position uterus
      • 1x Clamp for fixing base unit
      • 2x non pathological uterus – also used for interchangeable polyps and adhesions
      • 1x uterus with cancer lesion
      • 50x polyps
      • 3x rolls of adhesions
      • 1x 4mm, 0° or 30° hysteroscope (depending on centre preference)
      • 1x hysteroscope introducer
      • 1x hysteroscopic grasping forceps
      • 1x hysteroscopic scissors
      • 1x camera unit
      • 1x bozzini® light source
      • 1x light lead
      • 15” monitor
      • 1x monitor stand


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