SmartMan CPR Manikins

Combining state of the art sensor technology, robust resuscitation manikins and intuitive real time feedback, SmartMan allows you to learn, perfect and maintain best practice BLS and ALS skills with a range of adult and paediatric manikins.

State of the art sensor technology

By introducing state of the art sensor technology to robust resuscitation manikins, SmartMan is able to generate highly accurate, real time digital feedback on the key aspects of CPR and deliver this feedback on a manikin that will withstand high volume use. The sensor technology found in SmartMan has unrivalled accuracy when measuring depth and rate of chest compressions as well as rate and volume of ventilations.

The feedback generated helps teach 'perfect technique' in a highly accurate, objective and real time form.

SmartMan technology

Multi view

viewer allows the trainer to view 8 manikins simultaneously

Real time

cerebral perfusion monitor showing correlation between quality of CPR and cerebral perfusion

Compression feedback

accurate to +-0.1cm for depth and -0.1 second for rate measurement

Hand placement

compressions feedback sensitive to correct hand placement

Accurate feedback

the world's most accurate feedback for CPR skills training driving best practice CPR


all training events stored for recall and review any time

Colour coded

easy to understand colour coded digital feedback

Immediate score

post training score with feedback on key aspects of the skill being performed

Ventilation feedback

accurate to +-13ml of air


feedback on recoil and non-release of chest compressions

Real time adjustment feedback

'in flight' learning and adjustment of technique

SmartMan backed by research
Inovus 0035 Scaled 1024x768

SmartMan is backed by research that demonstrates its use in resus training leads to understanding of CPR technique, improved retention of CPR skills and most importantly more survivors. Multiple research groups have studied the impact of introducing SmartMan into resuscitation training in US health systems.

The evidence shows that SmartMan leads to a 58% increase in the number of survivors of cardiac arrest with a 38% increase in the number of survivors in CPC grade 1 and 2.

These results give the technology the right to be known as the resus manikin that truly leads to more survivors.

  • 830,000 patient population, 8 hospitals, >900 out of hospitals cardiac arrests annually
  • 54 month study assessing competency against AHA guidelines
  • 18 months assessing baseline competency of skills and baseline survival rates
  • 9 months introducing SmartMan to resus training
  • 27 months assessing competency of skills and survival rates following introduction of SmartMan
  • Minimum competency score required was 80% on the SmartMan scoring system
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