Totum Digital Surgery Platform and LapAR Adopted by Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust

St Helens, UK – Inovus Medical, a global leader in surgical training technology, is pleased to announce that the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust has adopted the LapAR laparoscopic simulator and Totum digital surgery platform for its surgical training programmes.

The LapAR simulator is a high-fidelity laparoscopic simulator that incorporates natural haptics and headset-free augmented reality to provide a highly realistic environment for laparoscopic skills training. Its unique features enable trainee surgeons to practice complex surgical procedures in a safe and controlled environment, enhancing their skills and confidence before performing surgeries on patients.

The LapAR simulator is powered by the Totum digital surgery platform, which enables trainee surgeons and their trainers to connect, collaborate, and perfect their surgical skills remotely. Totum includes a cloud-based platform that allows surgeons to access training data and share surgical videos and images, providing valuable feedback and promoting safe surgical technique.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust to provide the LapAR and Totum digital surgery platform to their surgical training programmes,” said Dr. Elliot Street, CEO of Inovus Medical. “Our evidence based technology will enable the trainee surgeons to develop their skills and confidence, ultimately improving patient outcomes. Its great to see such a large scale adoption of the platform which will be critical to training more surgeons to meet the growing demand for surgical care.”

The Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust is a prestigious teaching hospital located in London, UK. The trust has a reputation for providing outstanding patient care and medical education, and its adoption of Inovus Medical’s technology further reinforces its commitment to innovation and excellence in surgical training.

Anna Kamocka, Consultant Bariatric and UGI Surgeon at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust said, “We are delighted to launch a new surgical simulation training centre at CW with 11 high fidelity laparoscopic stations provided by Inovus. It will be utilised to enhance surgical training across general surgery and gynaecology  trainees of all levels, from introducing them to basics of laparoscopic surgery to training them in more complex procedures. The unique value of the Inovus simulators is a combination of organ models with augmented reality, with good haptic feedback. Another benefit is a user friendly designed software allowing remote feedback from the trainers.”

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