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Natural haptics and digitalization

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Posted by Helen Hanson. 3rd February 2022

Natural haptics and digitalization – a major step forward for global hysteroscopy training 

Following the successful launch of their latest product HystAR™  in January at IMSH, Los Angeles, Inovus Medical will be showcasing the new high-fidelity hysteroscopy simulator at a selection of conferences and congress across the globe in the year ahead. The HystAR™ will play a central role at this year’s BSGE congress to be held in April (Birmingham, UK). The high-fidelity simulator will also be on show at multiple RCOG events throughout the year across the UK and at AAGL in December (Denver, USA). 

HystAR™, the third hysteroscopy simulator in the Inovus portfolio, is already making considerable waves in the US and South America with interest from key stakeholders in US-based surgical associations, residency programs and Sim centres.   

With the global shift towards increased simulation in surgical training across all specialties, there is now a requirement to enable surgeons-in-training to review and analyse their performance data in addition to allowing faculty to connect with and provide feedback to trainees from anywhere in the world. 

Dr Elliot Street, Inovus Medical CEO, commented: “The advanced functionality of the HystAR™ with its combined cloud-based learning platform and natural haptics produced by its simulated tissue models, allows for delivering highly realistic, scalable, and tracked hysteroscopy skills training through to pre-operative warm up in the clinical setting, making HystAR™ the perfect tool for instilling safe device handling and technique for hysteroscopists of all standards. “ 

For further details of HystAR™ or the full Inovus Medical portfolio of surgical simulators email: salessupport@inovus.org