Hystar 1

Hybrid high fidelity hysteroscopy simulation, combining dry lab, wet lab and real instrument training with a digital learning platform.

Democratising high fidelity hysteroscopy simulation

The HystAR™ comes with unlimited, onsite, user licenses allowing training centres to track the performance of all their hysteroscopists with a fixed, transparent cost. The HystAR™ digital learning platform includes performance tracking, video capture with debrief and distance certification features.

As a HystAR™ user you can increase the scale of your hysteroscopy training by deploying the digital learning platform on Bozzini™ Hysteroscopy simulators, creating an accessible distance learning option for hysteroscopy skills training.

HystAR™ features

Natural Haptics

Soft tissue models generate natural haptics


Soft tissue models with full anatomy including vaginal vault, cervix and uterine landmarks

Performance Tracking

Track training events and performance on the cloud based digital learning platform


Full procedure simulation including polypectomy, myomectomy and adhesiolysis

Real Instruments

Learn safe use of real instruments including morcellators and energy devices


Objective feedback on key metrics of surgical performance. Record and review training progress with online portfolio

Wet Lab and Dry Lab training

Wet Lab procedures include:



Endometrial resection

Dry Lab procedures include:

Polypectomy under blunt dissection

Polypectomy under sharp dissection


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