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Peninsula Deanery roll out Inovus Medical simulators

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Posted by Helen Hanson. 17th February 2022

Peninsula Deanery roll out Inovus Medical simulators for MIGS training

The UK surgical training community continues to give a major stamp of approval to Inovus Medical’s surgical training technologies following the most recent, region-wide, adoption in the Peninsula Deanery. The Gynaecology trainees across the region will now benefit from several of the Inovus simulators including high fidelity laparoscopic simulators from the LapAR™ range and the Bozzini™ hysteroscopy simulator. 

Hysteroscopy is an essential part of Minimally Invasive Gynaecology Surgery (MIGS), the training for which has traditionally been underserved. To combat this, the training programme directors have added the Bozzini™ Hysteroscopy simulator into their armamentarium across the region. The Bozzini™ enables camera navigation training and dry lab training with basic instruments. The Wetlab modules allow trainees to learn safe use of a variety of devices including resectoscopes and morcellators as well as understanding the principles of fluid management and uterine distension. 

Having seen the value to training of the natural haptics and distance learning platform offered by the LapAR™, the Training programme Directors have adopted the LapAR™ for deanery wide laparoscopic skills training. The adoption includes the LapAR™ Pro simulators, stationed as hubs across the region, complemented by the LapAR™ take home simulators. This hub and spoke model will increase access to high-fidelity surgical skills training across the region and allows Peninsula trainees access to state-of-the-art technology. 

Dr Elliot Street, Inovus CEO said, “The adoption of the LapAR™ and Bozzini™ systems by the Peninsula Deanery is a proud moment for us at Inovus. This is a large region with significant travel times often making it hard for trainees to access high-fidelity skills training. This is the perfect region to highlight the power of connected surgical training and we are excited to see the trainees and patients benefit from this technology.” 

Lisa Knight, Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital said “The Surgical Simulation project, to which the Inovus simulators play a central role, was set up with the support of a grant from Higher Education England. The purpose of the project is to enhance the surgical training in Gynaecology for the many trainees who have been unable to complete competencies and, in some cases, have needed to delay CCT (completion of training) as a result of the COVID pandemic and reduced surgical training opportunities. We also hope it will help existing consultants to improve their confidence as a result of reduced operating time.” 

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