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The Bozzini Hysteroscopy Simulator is a ‘simulated hysteroscopy stack system’, offering real to life hysteroscope and camera handling simulation at a fraction of the cost of using a retired or repurposed clinical imaging system. This high-fidelity simulator utilises the proprietary Bozzini light source and camera technology to deliver a full stack system experience through an affordable, compact, table top device.

The simulator uses anatomically correct uterus model inserts with interchangeable pathologies for practising diagnosis and intraoperative management of pathologies.

Pathologies include endometrial polyps, intrauterine adhesions and fibroids. The pathologies offer real to life tissue handling and are a low-cost way of delivering repeated practice of these core hysteroscopic skills. The uterus can be positioned in an anteverted and retroverted orientation allowing trainees to experience the different approach needed for each.

Skills that can be practiced on the Bozzini Hysteroscopy Simulator:

  • Handling of the hysteroscope
  • Introduction of the hysteroscope into the uterine cavity
  • Navigation of the uterine cavity and understanding of normal anatomy including visualisation of ostia and fundus.
  • Handling of hysteroscopic instruments
  • Identification of intrauterine pathologies
  • Resection of intrauterine pathologies


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Learn more about the 'table top stack system’ trusted by the RCOG for their training

A versatile simulator providing the platform to train basic, intermediate and advanced hysteroscopic skills.

Hyst AR Features

Small Footprint

A ‘full stack system’ miniaturised to the tabletop provides a scalable solution for delivering advanced hysteroscopy skills training where space is a premium.

Procedural training

Perform a full spectrum of procedural training with dry lab inserts facilitating low cost, high volume training and wet lab models connecting practice to procedure, simulating the experience of the operating room.

Real Scope

The real hysteroscope with zero degree and thirty degree options allow scope navigation training to be placed at the core of the simulation pathway.

Device training

Pair your device with the simulator using its standard operative channel or use your preferred brand of hysteroscope with the camera to deliver a range of device based training activities.

Real Camera

Paired with the bozzini light source and hysteroscope, the endoscopic camera completes the ‘near real’ experience of training with the bozzini.